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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Travel to Anguilla

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Anguilla was colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650, and administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century, when the island - against the wishes of the inhabitants - was incorporated into a single UK dependency along with Saint Kitts and Nevis. Several attempts at separation failed. In 1971, two years after a revolt, Anguilla was finally allowed to secede; this arrangement was formally recognized in 1980 with Anguilla becoming a separate UK dependency.
Anguilla has few natural resources, and the economy depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. Increased activity in the tourism industry, which has spurred the growth of the construction sector, has contributed to economic growth.

By plane 

Cape Air provides two daily non-stop flights to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Cape Air interlines with most major airlines: JetBlue, American, Delta, US Airways, United, etc. Cape Air's flights are timed to make connections with the mainland. Cape Air's San Juan - Anguilla route is codeshared with Continental Airlines and can also be booked with JetBlue connections on As of June 2011 JetBlue is the largest airline at San Juan measured by ASMs, ending American Airlines' long dominance. Anguilla is listed as a JetBlue destination on their website thanks to the partnership with Cape Air.
Liat provides once daily service to St. Thomas, and onwards to other destinations in the Caribbean.
It may be easier to access Anguilla via St. Maarten, which can be reached non-stop from many eastern U.S. cities, as well as European cities. Charter flights can take 8 minutes to reach Anguilla from St. Maarten. Visitors can try to book local air charters via Trans Anguilla or Anguilla Air Service. Many visitors charter boats privately from the pier near Princess Julianna Airport in St. Maarten to Anguilla. There are also modest, private ferries that depart from Marigot every 30 minutes.

By boat

This is the most common method of transport between Anguilla and St. Martin. There is a chance of getting wet, so choose your seat carefully to sit facing the wind. If you experience sea sickness quite easily, ensure you take medication before boarding and if possible sit towards the back of the vessel for maximum stability.
There are regular small public ferries from Marigot in French St. Martin that cross to Blowing Point, Anguilla in about 25mins. Ferries commence service from 7AM, and run every 45mins. The last ferry departs Anguilla at 6:15PM and St. Martin at 7PM. If traveling from Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) in Sint Maarten (the Dutch part of St. Martin), a dispatcher can direct you to a taxi (approximately $24 - $26 from SXM) for the 10-15min drive to Marigot.
The public ferry costs $15 per person one way before 6pm plus $5 departure tax per person from St. Martin to Anguilla or $23 departure tax per person from Anguilla to St. Martin.
There are also direct fast boats between Blowing Point (Anguilla) and Princess Juliana Airport (Sint Maarten) taking 30 mins to cross. Airport drop off is also provided with these services (though the boat terminal is only a couple of hundred metres/yards up the road from the Airport). As of 2015 the comprehensive StMartinbookings website for all ferry and boat routes to the regional islands has come online. Schedules & live availability for the fast boats from Anguilla to SXM are available for comparison there.
A taxi to Marigot and the public ferry from there takes a little longer in terms of total journey time but will cost on average about $15 - $20 less than with the SXM Airport direct speed boat services.

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