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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Travel to Bermuda

Travel to Bermuda by Travel Deal.Expert

BERMUDA is a self-governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of North Carolina. It is one of the last remains of the once vast British colonial empire in North America.


Bermuda is divided into nine parishes (from east to west):
  • St. George's Parish - Encompassing the area around the historic Town of St. George as well as the island of St. David's across its harbor.
  • Hamilton Parish - Location of Crystal Caves and Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.
  • Smith's Parish - Home to Flatts Village, Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and Devil's Hole Aquarium.
  • Devonshire Parish - The quiet parish.
  • Pembroke Parish - Where the city of Hamilton is located.
  • Paget Parish - Numerous resorts, Elbow Beach, Bermuda Botanical Gardens and Paget Marsh for birdwatching.
  • Warwick Parish - Golf, horseback riding and the island's best cliffs.
  • Southampton Parish - The best beaches and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.
  • Sandys Parish - The Royal Naval Dockyard fortress and shops, but also Somerset Village, Fort Scaur, Gilbert Nature Reserve and some fine beaches.


Bermuda has two incorporated municipalities: one city and one town. There are also unincorporated

municipalities (villages).
  • Hamilton - the capital, and only city.
  • St. George - the old capital. Oldest surviving English New World town.
  • Flatts Village - location of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.
  • Somerset Village - on Somerset Island, Sandy's Parish.


Bermuda consists of about 138 islands and islets, with all the major islands aligned on a hook-shaped,
but roughly east-west, axis and connected together by road bridges. Despite this complexity, Bermudians usually refer to Bermuda as "the island". In terms of terrain, the islands are composed of low hills separated by fertile depressions, and interspersed with a complex set of waterways.
The inhabited island chain is actually the southern sector of a circular pseudo-atoll, the remainder of the coral ring being submerged or inter-tidal reefs (Bermuda was formed volcanically but is not a true atoll). As a result the northern shores of inhabited islands are relatively sheltered, whilst the southern shores are exposed to the ocean swell. Consequently most of the best beaches are on the southern shore.


Bermuda has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid weather from spring through fall, however daytime temps fall to the upper 60s °F in wintertime, with wintertime lows of around 58°F. Rarely do temperatures fall below 55°F. The water also cools down into the 60s °F in the wintertime. Humidity remains high in the wintertime. The Gulf Stream does help Bermuda maintain a subtropical climate, despite the latitude being equal to the Carolinas in the United States. For almost half the year (April to Sept) the UV index is over 8.

Get in

In March 2014, Bermuda simplified its immigration requirements - all foreign nationals do not require a visa, just a passport (or US Passport Card if arriving on a cruise ship) valid for 45 days after intended departure and either a work permit or return or onward tickets. However, some requirements are still in place:
  • Nationals and permanent residents of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States need only a valid passport and return or onward tickets.
  • Nationals who are not entitled to right of abode, freedom of movement or visa-free travel rights in the above countries will be required to present a valid visa for any of the above countries upon arrival. This is because such nationals will need to transit and return through the US, UK or Canada.
One of Bermuda's few taxes is its steep import duty. This varies depending on the item and the importer. Some items are tax-exempt when brought in for personal use (books, educational materials). The duty on cars is fixed to their value. If the price of the vehicle before it is landed is less than $10,000, the duty is 80%. For cars costing $10,000 or greater, before landing, the duty is 100%. The dealer must add his own profit margin on top of this. Each person arriving on the island is allowed a $100 exemption, but visitors deemed to be carrying more than that amount will be subject to the duty on the excess value.


There are surprisingly large number of excellent sightseeing places in this 21-square mile tiny island.
Main Sightseeing Attractions :

  • Town of St. George. A scenic UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest, continually inhabited British settlement in the New World. It boasts small winding streets with typical British Colonial architecture with fountains, gardens and squares, cobbled streets and plazas.
  • Bermuda Maritime Museum, Pender Rd, Royal Naval Dockyard, Phone: 441-234-1418,Take 1/2 a day to go to the Royal Naval Dockyard. After the loss of its naval bases during the American Revolutionary War, the British Royal Navy relocated the headquarters of its Atlantic Fleet here from 1812 to 1957. The old limestone storage buildings, keep and fortress have been wisely redeveloped by the Bermuda Government into a tourist attraction and shopping centre.
  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, 40 North Shore Road, Flatts Village, ☎ +1 441 293-2727,  Daily 9AM-5PM (last admission 4PM). Centerpieced by a 140,000 gallon replica coral reef, this one of Bermuda's main attractions. Over three hundred birds, reptiles and mammals and 200 species of fish. Adults $10, Seniors $5, ages 5 to 12 $5.
  • Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Wilkinson Ave, Bailey’s Bay, ☎ +1 441 293-0640, . Daily 9:30AM-4:30PM (last admission 4:00). Two quite different caves to see. You can see one cave for $22 or two for $30. Narrated tours require walking down ~80 steps to underground caves with pools. Very beautiful if you have never done this before.
  • Spittal Pond (note: This was heavily damaged by Hurricane Fabian in 2003 and the process of fixing the trails and trees is still ongoing.)
  • Devil's Hole Aquarium, Harrington Sound Road, Hamilton, 441-293-2727. Small but fun. "Fish" for reef fish and turtles with bait, but no hooks. Daily 9:30AM-4:30PM. Adult $5, ages 5-12 $3, under 5 $0.50.
  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, 40 Crow Lane, East Broadway, Pembroke, just outside of Hamilton, Phone: 441-297-7219, 
  • Bermuda National Trust Museum known as the Globe Hotel
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, St Anne's Road, Southampton. One of the oldest cast iron structures in the world. First lit on May 1st 1846. You can climb its 180 steps to the observation deck surrounding the lamp, which offers spectacular views of the island and the waters around. There is a Tea Room at its base offering drinks and light fare.


Bermuda Railway Trail
The bed of the former Bermuda Railway which was dismantled in 1948 after 17 years of service. Many sections still exist as a public walking trail stretching from St. George Town in the east end, through Pembroke Parish near the City of Hamilton and on toward Somerset Village in the west end. Many station houses, trestle footings and railway ties can be found. It offers spectacular views of the island and waters along its length.
Bermuda Forts
Bermuda has many examples of large fortifications and smaller batteries spread throughout the island which were built between 1612 after first settlement and manned until 1957. For its small size the island had approximately 100 fortifications built. Many have been restored, primarily the larger ones, and are open to the public with dioramas and displays. Many have their original cannons in place. Some lie on outlying islands and islets and can only be accessed via boat, or have been incorporated into private properties and resorts. Some of those which can be accessed are:
  • Fort St. Catherine , St. George Parish north (has displays and dioramas and replica Crown Jewels)
  • Gates Fort, St. George Parish east (guarding Town Cut channel entrance)
  • Alexandra Battery, St. George Parish east
  • Fort George, St. George Parish (overlooking the Town of St. George)
  • St. David's Battery, St. George Parish east
  • Martello Tower / Ferry Island Fort, St. George Parish west (at Ferry Reach)
  • King's Castle / Devonshire Redoubt / Landward Fort, St. George Parish south (on Castle Island, accessed via boat)
  • Fort Hamilton, Pembroke Parish (overlooking the City of Hamilton)
  • Whale Bay Battery, Southampton Parish west.
  • Fort Scaur, Sandys Parish (overlooking the waters of the Great Sound)
  • The Keep at the Dockyard, Sandys Parish (within the Maritime Museum)

Royal Naval Dockyard
The sprawling stone building that were the former naval base to Bermuda now houses several different sites and attractions, including a pub located in the old Cooperage, or barrel-making facility; The Maritime Museum, offering the most extensive look at Bermudian history on all of the islands; or many shops located in the former naval administration building. Now known as the Clocktower Mall, these small shops offer many different speciality souvenir options exclusive to Bermuda such as fine linens and jewellery. Located just off of King’s Wharf, visitors coming off of cruise ships may find the Royal Naval Dockyard to be an appealing option because of its close proximity to the docks and the accommodations.

Victoria Park
Located in Hamilton, this public park is the home to many concerts in the summer months on the bandstand, which was established in 1899 and completely restored in 2008. Visit one of the several flower gardens, walk on the paths or sit on one of the many benches under the trees. Public restrooms are available nearby and the location is prime, between several of the busy streets of the capital. In the summer, expect frequent concerts on the bandstand during the day and into the evening hours, food vendors, and other attractions for both adults and children. Conveniently for tourists, the main bus station of the city is located one block over from the park. Open daily sunrise to sunset.
The Devil’s Hole aquarium, located in Tucker’s Town, has since closed, leaving the Bermuda National Aquarium and Zoo as the sole aquatic life centre in Bermuda. Expect to see a variety of water and land animals nursed back to health after being found in danger on the shores of Bermuda. This zoo/aquarium is unique because visitors can walk into the habitats of the animals due to the small nature of the facility.
Besides a large variety of golf resorts available, Bermuda also offers unique sporting activities to its visitors:
  • Spiceland Riding Centre offers horseback rides on a trail and the beaches. Located in the Warwick Parish.
  • K.S. Waterspots in St. George’s is conveniently located steps from the cruise docking. Offering both jetskiing and parasailing, this is an excellent option for those who don’t wish to go far from their cruise ship.
  • Bermuda Squash Racquets Association asks for a $15 fee for non-members to play. Located in Devonshire, this squash club also offers training, membership and coaching for visitors who have a longer stay.
  • Bermuda Fun Golf offers miniature golf in Sandy’s Parish.

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